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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Caricature theme - Flag footballer

Client's brief:-
"Hi Jit,
You probably don't recall - you made a Temasek caricature for me over a year ago... :) Hope you are doing well.
I have another one for you to do. Attached are some photos of the target person, I'll try to get a few more in the next few days as those attached are a bit old.
It is for 25th birthday and the theme should be the following: the person in the photos to be running across a grass football field, holding the typical American football ball and making some celebratory winner like gestures (either one or both arms in the air for example). He should be wearing black sports shoes, white shorts to his knees, white short sleeve t-shirt and should be half covered in mud. He plays flag football (softer version of American football), so he should have the typical "flags" around his waist (you can just google images of 'flag football' and you'll see the kind of waist straps I'm talking about). It should be clear that it is in Singapore, so would be great if you could put the typical Singapore CBD skyscrapers to the background, together with a sketch of the marina bay sands buildings, Esplanade as well as the Merlion somewhere (can be small). I know the location of all these together is not realistic but that's fine. Somewhere close to his head, please place a dreaming / thinking bubble and inside try to draw 3 things - a bowl of ramen, a pack of the typical local prawn crackers and a bar of kit kat. Lastly, please try to put somewhere number "25" - whether on a building, his shirt, the ball, or wherever you see it fit.
Please let me know when this could be ready. I would like to see an initial sketch if possible.
Looking forward to seeing your work!....."

flag football caricature draft
The draft.

flag footballer caricature
The final artwork.

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