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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Caricature for ExxonMobil Chemical Plant

Client's brief:-
I am interested with the above to be print on a mug. It is meant for my Boss's Farewell Gift to be given to him next Friday....
He loves playing golf, so wanna seen him happily playing golf despite of all the paper works he has in office. What we want for the background are papers flying all behind him..All the papers flying is stated 1) Scaffolding, 2) Leads Meeting, 3) Weekly Report, 4) MPP, 5) FIs, 6) FVOs individually and some empty papers or file all over the golf course I think you get the brief Picture right. Its a Farewell Gift for him leaving SPT Project 2006-2011 FWP ExxonMobil."

Golfer caricature for ExxonMobil Chemical Plant
The artwork......

Caricature on mug for ExxonMobil Chemical Plant
and the mug.

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