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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Caricatures for Pernod Ricard Korea

Client's brief:-
"Hi Jit,
I'm organizing this so called - innovation workshop in the company early next week and while I'm thinking of a cool souvenier for the participants, your great work has popped-up in my mind!
However, due to the time & geographic constraints (as I'm in Korea) I'm wondering if you could do it either 1) 15 x individual caricuture in color or 2) a group caricuture of 20 people in color within the timeline ie. digital pictures of participants can be sent to you on 18th (possibly in the morning) and I'd like to give your caricutures to members at the end of workshop on 19th - 4pm Singapore time (which means I need some time to print out too!). Also, if possible, I'd like to add a company logo and a product bottle image which is our main subject of the workshop.
Please kindly recommend what kind of option I can have as well as the rate by each option.....
I'd like to go for a group caricature!!
The theme would be a Innovation workshop and all members are equally important!
We are from Pernod Ricard Korea which is a wine & spirit company and this is a specially selected group of people for this workshop.
There are 15 task force team members who will be working on a specific brand called Imperial scotch whisky (no.1 local whisky brand in Kr)
Also there are 4 facilitators - Derek, Eric, Jerom and Sanghoon and 1 organizer - Julie, myself....."

An urgent job.
I have only 4 days to work on this artwork, from sketching, to inking, colouring, scan-in and sending over to client in Korea electronically.
Group caricatures for Pernod Ricard Korea - pencil sketch
Since their workshop is related to this whisky, I made the whisky bottle as the main subject, with scaffolding around it. 

Group caricatures for Pernod Ricard Korea - pen & brush
Inking done.

Caricatures for Pernod Ricard Korea (names)
Colouring + adding in title, captions and names.

Present (Whisky) from Client - Pernod Ricard Korea.
The client is so sweet to send me a bottle of their Imperial Quantum whisky via DHL, upon receiving the artwork. :)))

Client's feedback:-
"Dear Jit,
I'd like to thank you for your effort to draw our caricutures within a very limited time!
Very appreciated! :)
Although some people couldn't recognize their face (now, I've learnt my lessions on the importance of nice/clear pictures so, I don't blame you, only myself!! :D), most of our members were happy about your great work and no doubt that this will be a great memoirs of the Innovation workshop!
As such, I'd like to express my gratitute to you by sending you a present. You will be received it via Fedex latest by tomorrow. Hope you like it!!

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