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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

couple wedding caricatures of Prince William and Kate Middleton

Client's brief:-
"Hey Jit,
Thank you for your email below and great speaking with you earlier.
To re-cap our conversation:
1. Additional Sketch (to act as signage)
Let’s proceed with an additional caricature sketch of Prince William and Kate Middleton (please refer to the enclosed picture. FYI: I’ve chosen this picture as this was taken during the announcement of their marriage to the media).
Additionally, I will need you to sketch this on A3 paper, however, it should fit within a space that is 29cm by 29cm (please refer to the document containing the dimensions). As mentioned, I’ve got a frame for this signage and will need the drawing to be ‘balanced’ and within the allocated space)...."

couple wedding caricatures of Prince William and Kate Middleton
A caricature required by the client as signage for a gig for TLC tomorrow.
I wonder if that gig has something to do with their wedding?
Let's see then...

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