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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Caricature for Future Electronics

Client's brief:-
"Hi Jit Leong
Not sure if you can still remember, but I had ordered this caricature from you before for my boss. It’s the one with her as the Empress Dowager. Anyway, I can’t remember if it was marker or what…
I will need one of those, of the same size, but of a different theme. See attached taken from your website. Also attached are pictures of my current boss for you to incorporate. In CIMG9793.jpg, he is the one with the mouth wide open.
His birthday is on Monday, I will need it by Sunday, as I will want to get it framed as well.
And btw, the words that always come out from his mouth is FUCK OFF! ….. So, see how you can incorporate that into the picture. And one more thing, can we change the colour of that attire to something more outstanding, bright etc etc....
But now, change of idea, I think we will do something like a picture of him with crutches, bended back, wrinkles, you know a picture of him being OLD with that grandpa look kinda feel …. You know what I mean?...."

Caricature for Future Electronics
Client's response upon seeing this caricature:-
"Hahahaha.... This is so good!"

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