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Monday, March 28, 2011

digital poster illustrations for Changi Air Base

This is a tough job, as the subject is something which I am not familiar - aircraft!
So much different from portraits and caricatures.

This is a farewell gift for their boss.
Usually, my clients will request a caricature or portrait of the subject, with aircrafts in the background.
In this case, this is different.
They need a F-16, F-15 and a helicopter above the sea, which means the focus is on them. Details are important to them here.
I proposed to have it illustrated digitally, so that any changes can be done (easier when compared to traditional medium), if there is a need.
layout with annotation
The first draft.

layout - revised 2
Revised draft.

F-16 sketch
Starting linework on the most important aircraft - the F-15.
F-16 illustration

Poster illustration for Changi Air Base
There are still many changes made to F-15 here (images above and below). They could be so minor that you may not notice at this scale. The client is very particular with the details.
Poster illustration for Changi Air Base (final)
The more obvious will be the sea and the whirlpool below the helicopter.
Poster illustration for Changi Air Base in frame
Printed out in A2 size (59.4cm x 42cm) with frame.
Poster illustration for Changi Air Base in frame - 2

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