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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

cartoon illustration for Singapore Art Museum postcards

cartoon illustration for Singapore Art Museum - watermark
A cartoon illustration with pile of birthday cards, in simple lines, but not a simple job.
I took hours and hours of drawing these cards (don't ask me how many), visualizing how they would appear when they are piled up to look like a giant birthday cake.

The designer sent me some visuals she has done up.
Postcard A5 Trim-1
These are birthday invitation cards which will be sent out to the public, for them to express their creativity and well-wishes for Singapore (coming National Day), on the other side of card.
Postcard A5 Trim-2
These cards will be featured on the Istana Art Event on 7 Aug 2011, into a giant art installation in the lush grounds of the Istana. Outstanding entries will be awarded a prize which will be given by President S R Nathan.
Postcard A5 Trim-3
Postcard A5 Trim-4
Postcard A5 Trim-5
Postcard A5 Trim-6
I am looking forward to see the actual product. I will update on this blog, if I ever happen to see the end product. High chance!

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