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Monday, March 14, 2011

Caricatures in pencil for graduating class - part 1

An oversea order, from United States.
Client's brief:-
"Dear Jit,
I have looked at the great work you do on your website and am interested in getting a quote from you to do a caricature of each child for our graduating class. I am interested in your pencil sketch caricatures.
I would be sending you black and white or color photographs of each child (head shots), I believe that we have 64 in total. I would need to know how long it would take you to do all 64. I am thinking that we will need them no later than April, I would need to confirm that for you. ....Great news-our committee approved my idea and we will be proceeding with the caricatures. ..."
caricature in pencil - 1
caricature in pencil - 2
caricature in pencil - 3
caricature in pencil - 4
caricature in pencil - 5
caricature in pencil - 6
caricature in pencil - 7
caricature in pencil - 8
caricature in pencil - 9
caricature in pencil - 10
Client's feedback:-
"Jit-These are great! Just what I was looking for....
The committee loved the caricatures! "

56 more to go......


Vnnikolov said...

Haha, these are awesome, Jit. Great work, keep'em coming!:-)

jit said...

Thanks, Ventsislav:)

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