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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Caricature for J Walter Thompson Singapore Pte Ltd

Client's brief:-
We spoke last Sunday about doing a caricature drawing to be completed by this Thursday and I’m following up with an email now.
I have a caricature drawing to be done and to be presented as a farewell gift – we are thinking of having it done with coloured marker.
I’ve looked through your website and found some references that we can use:
Attached are some pictures of the person who is leaving – we only want to show his face (below is a face of him so that you know).
I will be sending a couple of products as I need some time to gather them. These are products that he has been involved with over his time in the regional office in Singapore.
He is welsh and the one thing he said in his opening speech in Singapore was that he had told his family he was bringing them to a ‘no socks’ region – so you might be able to include ‘socks’ or bare feet/jandals as part of it......
The building that he was working in is called “The Strategy” and he will be flying to work in the Canada office."

Caricature on hammock for J Walter Thompson Singapore Pte Ltd
Client's feedback:-

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