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Thursday, January 13, 2011

some digital sketches on iPad Zen Brush

Zen Brush drawing -1
I can't get a fast and good caricature for live digital caricature using iPad Sketchbook Pro within 5 minutes. Drawing on iPad is a lot more difficult than on Wacom Cintiq. Main issue is that it doesn't have the pressure sensitivity. Thus, it is hard to vary the line thickness. To create this effect in Sketchbook Pro, I need more time. This is not allowed for the gig (using iPad) on 13th Jan 2011.
I used a simpler app - Zen Brush on iPad.
The strokes are just like brush. It has the Chinese painting effect with light and mid gray tones.
I try to keep the strokes simple, focus on the essence of the subject. Shade in with light and mid gray tones. The tougher part of this style is that there is no pencil sketch allowed. I have to get the right strokes (and minimum strokes) straightaway.

Zen Brush drawing -2
Thus, I play with some cartoon sketches, before proceeding on the caricatures.
Mon Wei Zen Brush caricature
My wife.

Jiale Zen Brush caricature
My son.

Jiaxi Zen Brush caricature
My daughter.

Zen Brush caricature - 4
A client.

Zen Brush caricature - 5

Iggy Zen Brush caricature - 1
And Iggy!

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