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Thursday, January 06, 2011

Caricature theme - wedding

Client's brief:-
"Dear Jit, I spoke to you on the phone about two weeks ago. We would love you to do a full body caricature of us to show on our Wedding day.
In regard to the caricature our thoughts are as follows: 
* Please base the caricature on the "Full Body" photo attached (I have also attached a second "full body with feet chopped" photo as another example of our faces and bodies) 
* I have attached two close up photos of our faces to get an idea of features. Do you need more photos? * Duncan would like you to make his body look big and muscly, and I would like you to emphasize my long legs! 
* Please write "Married - 22 January 2011" at the bottom of the caricature 
* Please do caricature in ink...."

  wedding couple caricatures in pen and brush
The client initially wanted a standing posture for herself.
However, it won't show her long legs. Look at the groom, and you know.:)
I suggested to have her hubby to carry her. She agreed.

Client's response upon receiving this caricature:-
"Hahahaha..... that's very cute!.... hahaha..."

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