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Friday, January 14, 2011

Caricature theme - Knight & Princess wedding

Client's brief:-
"Hi Jit,
We love your caricatures and would love to get your masterpiece for our big day on 01 May 2011.
We would like to have a romantic fairy tale caricature (in colour) done in A3.
Can this size be place in front of our malay wedding dais?
I’ve also attached some pictures for your reference.

Our fairy tale wedding theme:
1. Herman (right side) & Rila (left side) will be standing in front of a Disney castle with green scenery.
2. Groom in knight in shining armour holding his battle helmet on his right hand & holding the bride’s hand on the left.
3. Bride will be in white wedding gown similar wedding pattern to Princess Belle as per attached (Beauty.jpeg) & prefer some red line/roses(similar to attached file) on the white gown that will match the rose bouquet, with a tiara on her head and with a veil.Bride's left hand will be holding a rose red bouquet.
4. Behind the groom will be a brown horse.
5. Prefer our faces to be smiling lovingly.
6. Please also include the words: Herman & Rila 01 May 2011"

knight and princess wedding caricatures with horse @ castle
Client's response upon receiving this caricature:-
" cute!"

She dropped me an email subsequently:-
"Hi Jit
Thanks for the super cute disney fantasy masterpiece... :) 
good work Jit! Many thanks!

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