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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Caricature theme - ice hockey player & cook

Client's brief:-
"hi, so nice to speak to you again. must say thank you very much for our caricature. is great and everyone loved it on our wedding invitations. as the service and everything was great would like to order another one from you. this time is for our friends who are getting married in april next year. it should be caricature in pencil again and something nice.... we like the caricature in pencil, the same as we had. I want it as wedding present for this couple. he is a hockey player, and likes to go to gym. and she is excellent housewife, love to cook and look after her fiance.... whatever you think will be nice, you have got all me trust. we have got very close relationship with them and they like funny things... We think the ice hockey is more typical for him as he play for some ligue since his childhood. the wife can do cooking as she is very good in it and she does enjoy it." 
ice hockey player and cook caricature in pencil

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