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Thursday, June 24, 2010

more sketch studies of Megan Fox....

Megan Fox 4
Not satisfied with the previous sketches, I continued with more sketch studies of Megan Fox....
Megan Fox 5
Reworked on this reference photo from scratch.

Megan Fox 6
front view.....

Megan Fox 7
So her forehead looks like this!

Megan Fox 8 small
This reference photo is beautiful, but it is hard to capture her resemblance.....
Megan Fox 8 - 2 small
I tried to capture it with some gray wash on it......
Megan Fox 8 - 3 small
Looks pretty cool, but need to work harder on the face later......
Seems like I have decided which one to work on.....:D
Megan Fox sketch studies small
Putting all the sketches together!

A video which I have made for some of the sketches above:-

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