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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Caricature theme - traditional Indian wedding

Client's brief:-
"Hi Jit

I saw your stuff online - its really good....
I actually want to use the caricature for my wedding invites

Munish, my fiance, and I have decided now what we want to do for the caricature. I'll explain it below - please let me know if its possible for you to do this for us :)

Munish will be wearing the traditional clothes that boys wear together with the scarf thingie. I'm attaching Image 1 as a sample of what sort of thing Munish will be wearing. His shoes should be the same as in your earlier caricature (attached as Image 2).

I'll be wearing the traditional indian outfit that girls wear for the wedding - like what you drew in Image 2. Is it possible to do it in green and red though? A mixture of the two colours? I'm attaching Image 3 to give you an idea of what I mean by the mixture of colours but, of course, I understand that it can't be as complicated as this - something simple is fine - but I would like both colours if possible.

Also, can you make my head scarf a bit more flowing? I'm attaching Image 4 to give you an example of what I am thinking of.

In terms of accessories, I want to be wearing bangles, earrings and the jewellery for the head (tilak) but could you make the tilak smaller than the one in Image 2? I don't want it to be so big.

We don't want to be wearing any garlands

Basically, we want the two of us to be semi-facing each other but our faces will be facing the front and we'll both be smiling.

I'll be making tying the scarf Munish is wearing into a knot around his neck (not quite choking him though haha it should be a bit loose but should be clear that it is being tigthened into a knot...he should still look happy please!) and below that we want to say "we are tying the knot". Is it possible for you to include the words for us as well in the potrait?

In terms of the background, we just want a lord ganesha in the background. Something similar to what you did in your caricature attached as Image 2. That's actually the only thing we want in the background. Its auspicious :) Do you think it will look strange to have nothing else in the background?...."

Traditional Indian wedding couple A3
Looking at the request, you know this is not an easy job, especially the wedding costumes.

Client's feedback:-
"Oh, very nice! Perfect!...Thanks so much for the awesome caricature! :)"

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