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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Caricatures for DHL

Client's brief:-
"Hi Jit Leong

I am thinking of doing 4 pieces for my colleagues in a simple frame or hard backing......

Pencil with a theme (their hobbies/something associated with them) would be good. I would provide details and the wordings to remember the department by...."

"- KC is a diver
- “See You Later KC – DGF SAP Sales Team 2010”"

Caricature for DHL - diver

"- Michael enjoys football.
- Remember to have the caption as well…

“See You Later Michael – DGF SAP Sales Team 2010”"

Caricature for DHL - soccer player

"- George is the boss for the team
- He is a triathlete
- Also put in “See You Later George – DGF SAP Sales Team 2010”"

Caricature for DHL - triathelete

"Karen does wake boarding.
please indicate somewhere “See You Later Karen – DGF SAP Sales Team 2010"

Caricature for DHL - wakerboarder


Bãpp said...

Great job my friend,
jan :)

jit said...

Thank you, Jan.:)

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