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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

colouring Robert....

digital sketch of Robert
A new style.
I did a light wash on the sketch in 'multiply' layer mode in Photoshop (as I need to extend the canvas size for the right side), before adding lines in 'opaque' layer mode. I love the rugged look!


DavidWu10 said...


jit said...

Thank you, David.:)

R. McCord said...

Awesome job! The colors and loose sketchiness to it all are great.

jit said...

Thank you, Robbie.:)

Unknown said...

I really like your latest digital work Jit - nice !
I see you are using an iPad - how have you found it - I will consider it once someone brings out a proper Wacom like stylus.
Again great work my friend ..........

jit said...

Thank you, Tel.:)My honour to receive compliments from a digtal caricature master like you.

Sketching on iPad is rather different feel.
First - no pressure sensitivity.
However, this can be offset by the control in the brush setting in SketchBook Pro.

Next is the size - 1024x768, 72 (or 96dpi) Good enough for sketches, not good enough for publications and high resolution works.

My main aim is to use it for roving caricatures in gigs, and also do fats digital sketches. It's fun. You don't need to wait for startup as in laptop and netbook, or desktop. Press teh home button and start up SBP in less than 6 seconds, and you can start sketching.

I was hoping for a Wacom like stylus for iPad. However, currently, ipad needs a thicker nip to sense the touch on the glass surface for the lines to be drawn.I am using the Pogo stylus. Sort of funny feeling at first. It is like using an eraser on a pencil to draw. After some time, I get used to it. Concentrate on the drawing, and don't look at the thick nip. Just like a Wacom stylus, when we choose a bigger brush, but the stylus nip is still small. I think it is more to deal with the psychological part.It is a virtual brush afterall.

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