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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

live sketching of a skull

skull model
I bought this skull model from, as recommended by Mr Jason Seiler.
skull model
The scale is 1:3, and it has a magnetic jaw. My son is so fascinated with it, and can't stop playing with it.:D
live sketching of skull on iPad -1
I have drawn many faces, but this is my first time doing live sketching of a skull.
live sketching of skull on iPad - 2
It wasn't as easy as drawing faces, but I get to understand the structure of a skull better.
live sketching of skull on iPad Sketchbook Pro
Again, I did this on iPad Sketchbook Pro with Pogo stylus.
This will be my sketch pad for fast sketches from now onwards.
live sketching of skull on iPad
After adding colours in multiply mode, I added another opaque layer to give some additional texture to it.

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