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Saturday, February 14, 2009

My iPhone 3G

Right after my mobile handphone contract ended with Starhub yesterday, I went to Singtel to get my hands on the Apple iPhone 3G. Hahaha.... really cannot tahan liao.
Think I am addict to be connected (online).
Can't stand the feeling of without being able to check my emails, surf net for information, MSN etc, when I am outside.
Looking at my Starhub bill, I need to fork out about $38 monthly.
This basic iFlexi value plan costs me $56 monthly, i.e. $18 more every month, $0.60 more everyday, but double the talktime of 200 mins and 5x of sms more (500 sms).
Upon signing the contract with Singtel, they told me that I am entitled a 10% off my existing monthly subscription.
Only drawback is the 300mb bundled data, which may not be enough for me, given that some of my emails with attachments, are quite large in file size.

Hack care liao, since that Singtel staff told me that the 1gb bundled data won't be back so soon.
A reward for me while I am drawing (working hard) for events. Hahaha...
Just nice to keep me entertained before the events start.

I managed to jailbreak my iPhone 2G (to firmware version 2.0.2) 2 weeks ago, and spent 2 weekends installing all those new fantastic applications and games, which are not possible with the original firmware of version 1.1.4.
Now it looks more like a PSP to me.
This iPhone 3G (firmware 2.2) going to be all 'legal' stuff :))) (not going to risk my warranty)
And I installed those applications like Trapstar, iToday, TraffiCam etc which are not possible on iPhone 2G.

Quite sinful to have 2 iPhone in pocket.... but don't want to waste my time with those Telco companies, without contract (and no goodies...)

#At time of post (4th March 09), I managed to get Singtel to give me 1gb bundled data on Monday, after I saw the promotion in Bishan Junction 8 last Friday. Nearly jumped up, as the staff from Hello Singtel told me the promotion wouldn't be back so soon. Now, it came back in less than 2 weeks!!! Real happy and satisfied now, as I don't have to hold back my usage of 3G data from now on. 1GB is definitely more than enough for me, for sure....... and I hope so.:____

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