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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Caricature theme - rock star

Client's brief:-
"Could I request for him to be carrying a cool electric guitar and a awesome drumset as background, or what you deem is good for rock music as theme. Basically it's a gift for my bf who is very into rock music.

However, his face should remain uncovered- i.e, no sun glasses or shades even if they make him rocker. :p"
Caricature of a rock star A4
His face looks somehow long here, with the eyes near the side of the face. (In fact, his face is long in the photograph itself.)
Though it is meant as a caricature, I think it won't look that good (overall) if I make it even longer. Don't want to make him feel awful upon receving this gift, after all, on this V day.


Pavel Jakubec said...

Very good work!

jit said...

Your works are fantastic!

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