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Saturday, February 07, 2009

Caricature theme - wedding couple on Vespa to zoo

Client's request:-
"Hi Mr Chong,
I would like to propose 2 caricatures for my bestfren's wedding this coming 14th February 2009.....

Attire: white jumpsuit with Seagate logo with smart shoes
Carry a Canon DSLR on the neck

Attire: blue jumpsuit with Sembcorp logo with bling-bling high heel and white veil on the head
(need you to modify abit of the jumpsuit @ the sleeve and leg area).

Both siting on the pink vespa

showing them entering of the S'pore Zoological Garden "
Wedding couple caricatures on Vespa to zoo A4
There is always a problem puttingg a couple together on a bike, because of the size of the head (in caricature).
On first look, the couple faces different directions, in the photos provided.
I thought it could be a headache.
I played around with the layout.
Surprisingly, this problem turned out to be a creation.
And it fit quite well.
If they faced the same direction, I would need to think of how to put them together, without blocking the bride's face.

And here, the zoo took up some of my time, equivalent to the time of drawing a face.
.... As usual:))))
Drawing faces have been always a easier job for me, as compared to drawing other items.

The client's immediate response, upon receiving this caricature:-
"Oh ya! That's nice! Thank you so much! "

She dropped me an email subsequently:-
"Hi Jit,
Thank you so much for the wedding caricatures..

I love the caricatures so much.. Have given the caricatures the wedding couple-to-be right after collecting it from you..
They were so impressed with it and can't stop smiling.. Throughout the whole night, they keep looking @ the caricatures.
U really made our day. :)

Once again and on behalf of the bride and groom-to-be, a million thanks goes out to you.


Wah! Thank you, Ida.:))) YOu made my day too!


Kelly Gannon said...

Great idea Jit...worked well!

jit said...

Thanks, Kelly.

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