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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Caricature theme - wake boarding

Client's brief:-
"The caricature you did for us (Sheela and George: Mr and Mrs Demel) recently was such an success and can I therefore ask you to do some thing else for me. I have attached some photos of Adam, who is a friend of mine. We want to give him like a farewell caricature (A3-size) of him and some famous Singapore landmarks like Raffles hotel, Singapore flyer and Merlion.....I was thinking for him to jump through the Singapore flyer on his wakeboard "Caricature wake boarding
Quite a challenge for me to draw him jump through the Singapore Flyer.
If the latter is drawn too big, you can't see the structure.
If too small, you can't see his face (big enough).
If I tilt the angle such that you can see the full crcle of the Flyer, i.e. he has to charge towards you, then you can't really see the wakeboarding action so clearly.
Think this is what I can do so far.
Maybe, I can come out with another better angle again, if I have a similar request.

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