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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Caricature live sketching for BD Singapore Annual D&D 2007

If not for this event, I would have stay in Kuantan and come back today, or tomorrow.
However, the contract for this event was signed earlier, and I can't find any caricaturist to replace me. Another reason was that I have raised my rates from this event onwards. Not good to get other caricaturist (can't get anyway) to replace, even if I can find.
Venue for this event was at Meritus Mandarin, reception area at level 6, 1 hour event. Chop chop chop........ and done. Not for 2 hours and more. Those are tiring.

I like this caricature - especially his look and his hair.

This slightly bigger mouth - think she may not like it.
Take it easy. It was only a caricature.

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