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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Caricature for AMEX

A farewell gift to this gentleman who loves Chelsea team. The client requested to take out the Samsung logo.
Under-exposed photos were provided. Put in twice the normal effort and time to draw this caricature, but don't think they can tell from the drawing. Some of their colleagues said looked ok, but they don't think so. Should have taken in this order, even when they persisted.
Think this will be the last order that I will take in for under-exposed photos given. My time could have been spent better on other drawings. Don't see any valid reason for me to spend twice the effort and time, and outcome was not extra good, and worse, not appreciated at all!
Anyway, refunded them the deposit (first and the last time), as I don't want to waste time arguing on the resemblance. I need to move on from here. Orders were piling up for me to clear......

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