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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Portrait in Airbrush for boss of Regency Steel Asia Pte Ltd

This is a birthday gift from the staff to their boss for his 66th Birthday coming in a few days time. What is special about this portrait is - using airbrush, which I have so much passion for this medium 15 years ago. This medium has a very realistic touch, through spraying, masking and detailing. The difficult part is the control of the airgun. Anything goes wrong, it is very hard to amend. Hence, lots of care and efforts have to be put in to get it done.

First is to get this portrait sketch out in pencil on a canvas board, with details of wrinkles, proportion, shadows etc.

After the client has approved the sketch, I added in the gel medium to create the texture for the entire portrait. It's fun to play around with the gel medium. It helps to give some artistic touch to the entire artwork. Then I have to leave it overnight for the gel medium to dry up.

Next is to use a brush with black colour acrylic and ink out the details of the features and hair, so that the pencil lines won't be lost through the layers of spraying. This also helps to determine and also tidy up the lines and features that is needed for the portrait.

Later is the masking of the artwork with the masking film.

Cut out the masking area for spraying.

First layer of colour. I have to spent some time in learning to control the new airgun which I have just bought. It is rather hard to control this US-made airgun, as compared to the previous Japan-made airgun. The latter is buried in my messy study room. (I spent one whole night searching for it, but to no avail)

Building of shades and tone, slowly adding in the darker tone.

Better control and muscles slowly built up through several layers of spray.

Darker shade on hair and shadow area.

Final touch of the darkest shade.

Adding in the details with brush.
I mix Acrylic paint with the liquid acrylic. It seems to blend better than using the acrylic paste alone. (Hey, new discovery!) Notice the gel medium is showing the effect through the spray. I intentionally use the gel medium to create the wrinkles, eyebag and moles. Hahaha.... This shows up real good under spotlight. It looks like protruding and have the 3d realistic feel.

Seeing that the gel medium works quite good, I apply more to the background, and paint over with white. This is the finished artwork, with shirt and tie painted-in. Surprisingly, takes me 2 working days to get this done - considered fast. It is sent or framing. I will post up the photo tomorrow when I get the framed artwork.

Hopefully this boss likes his portrait......

The framed portrait in acrylic airbrush. Looking smart, right?


Anonymous said...

FANTASTIC!!! You are really good! from Danny

Anonymous said...

That is really amazing, something you couldn't do with anything but airbrush.

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