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Monday, August 28, 2006

caricatures of Ritz Carlton - HR International Conference 2006

This group caricatures is used for printing of T-shirts of the 15 people in the caricature artworks, for them to put on during the conference. It is held from 7th Aug 2006 ~ 10th Aug 2006. It happens to fall on National Day of Singapore. As such, they requested to have the fireworks in the background. These people came from different countries, each holding the flag of their countries. The costumes are traditional costumes of different races in Singapore. Notice the guy in the central? That’s the famous Sir Stamford Raffles statue in Singapore. And of course, the face isn’t Sir Stamford Raffles.

Front of the T-shirt with Ritz Carlton logo printed.

Back of the T-shirt with the caricatures printed on.

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