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Monday, August 28, 2006

3D perspectives of proposed landscaping for Kolam Ayer, Singapore

These perspectives are really a nightmare to me.
I have planted in too many RPCs of the trees, shrubs (as required by National Park) and people in the 3D scene.
When it comes to the rendering, even my 3ghz Xeon Dual processor, 512mb Wildcat Realism graphic card, 2gb RAM can't render the whole image of A4 size at one go. The error message is not enough memory for the bitmap. Hence, I have to render 1cmx1cm at a time. I used 2 PCs and 1 laptop to get these done within 15 hours, throughout the night. One PC renders one perspective, split out the work, and finally managed to get them done on time. I can't imagine if I have only 1 PC.
After this job, my conclusion is 'In fact, money can buy time, at least can buy me more time'.
Hey, think it is time for me to invest on more PCs... Hahaha.........

Update:-Built-up site photos here (posted on 9 Dec 2008)

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