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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Caricature live sketching for NanYang Junior College and Chong Cheng High School Teachers' Day Dinner 2006

Perhaps this is the most memorable event I have sketched throughout my 12 years as a professional portrait and caricture artist, reason being the guests are teachers from NYJC - the junior college which I studied in 1990-1991; that is 15-16 years ago. Time really flies......
I don't know the event is for NYJC and CCHS till I reached the venue - Meritus mandarin Hotel grand ballroom yesterday. The first one I see is Mr Singh. He slims down a lot. He used to be our live model in our Year 1 Promotional Art Examination. I remembered he's holding a tennis racketduring the modeling, sitting down there patiently, and crack some jokes at times.
Surprisingly, he still remembers me, asks me what I am doing here.
He told me that he's still keeping the portrait I painted (him as the subject). I am touched. See if I can get a softcopy of that portrait which I have done 16 years ago.
I started the caricature sketching service earlier. This is not the usual case.

But I am eager to start, as I want to get back the feeling of being an art student 16 years ago.
Below is the caricature I have done for him. He's busy talking with other guys, hence I didn't manage to get him smile and capture it.

This teacher teaches Chinese at 'A"level. She joins NYJC years after I have left, hence I don't know her.

Hmmm.... which schoolis she from???

One of the kids who came along with a teacher....

A teacher who cannot keep still and said she doesn't look like that???!!!! Is it?

A friendly teacher.... Fun to draw - the bunny teeth and big smile, co-operative too.

Her colleagues said the caricature is a slim version of her........ Hahaha...... I think so. Overdo a bit......

Think she's teaching Chinese.....Why? Cos her English not very fluent....Oop!!!

She looks familiar to me. Later she told me she's teaching Economics in NYJC.
Her name is Emily Lim, can't recall though.........

I saw my Chinese teacher, Miss Chen Xiu Lan. She didn't see me, and I was busy sketching at that time.
I saw Mr Bong. He doesn't see me and don't know me too.
Miss Audrey - I saw her in the lift when I was leaving. She's one of the 2 teachers who fork out $500 to support me in printing the Aaron Kwok portrait in airbrush to poster for sale in 1992. The other is Miss Koh Suan Choo, who has left NYJC. Thanks again, Miss Audrey and Miss Koh.........

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