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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

3D caricature of Bruce Lee featured on The Straits Times

Vincent, who used to work in Intense Animation, the school which I learned Maya 2 years ago in Singapore, sent me a sms when I just stepped into my gallery today. He asked whether have I seen the Life section on The Straits Times 23rd August 2006. I asked whether it’s something scary on it? He told me to get a copy, and I will want to get a copy.
I went down to grab one. I saw the Bruce Lee created in Maya 2 years ago for the course animation project on the front banner of the newspaper. Anxiously, I flip open and see the 3D Bruce Lee’s caricature I have created, bigger than what I have expected. Though nothing mentioned about me, I am happy enough as it is the only graphic featured in the whole writing.

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