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Monday, August 12, 2013

surfer caricature for DHL

Client's brief:-
"....practical golf theme is quite common already but I like the “Digital caricature for ANZ – A3” with the guy surfing and holding the golf club though mine will be done colour marker instead of digital.

For the golf with surfing theme, I would like along the style of …

·        Showing characteristics of his smile & hair fringe as u can see from the photos I sent over.
·        Have a letter “K” on his surf suit.
·        In the bag he’s carrying, to contain the visa credit card, Blackberry mobilephone and something technology since he’s in-charge of Technology.
·        Have our company logo (see attached) “painted” horizontally/parallel on surfboard (left side) but his feet cannot step on the logo . The logo’s color and proportion must be right due to corporate condition..
·        Instead of MBS building, pls replace with The Gateway building (see attached below - a pair of building which is the distinctive angled ones in Beach Rd where our office is)...."

surfer caricature for DHL - progress

surfer caricature for DHL
Client's feedback:-
"Hi Jit,

Sorry very busy lately that took me this long to send you back a complimentary note for the surf drawing u did for me.  Many thanks once again for the more than a decade of collaboration to produce another fabulous masterpiece for me. Greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,

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