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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

caricature theme - Superwoman caricature multitasking

Client's brief:-
"....My boss at her office desk, with the computer and various documents on the desk (please let me know if u need a pic of her office). She will be using the office phone, her handphone, eating her Yong tau foo (labelled YTF) all together. Then items on her desk to include: red wine, tiger balm, pringles (cheese flavour), beer (asahi, if it's possible to show that she's trying to abstain, if not then optional). Her chanel, prada bag in the background somehow, and she's dressed as superwoman (due to her multi-tasking skills)......
Speech bubbles to include her saying the following:

- This is so Chia Lat! I odang them for very long alr..
- He is such a clown, and she is such a joker right.. I also say.. Look at the mickey mouse comments!
- Denise.. I am very mang zang, outlook is crashing again!...."

Superwoman caricature multitasking
Pixelated the subject's face as per client's request.

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