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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Caricature theme - "Mr and Mrs Smith"

Client's brief:-
" ....I would like to get a caricature of my finance and myself done for our wedding invitation.
Our wedding reception theme is Hollywood.
So we want you to draw us similar to Mr & Mrs Smith concept.
We want the drawings to be in colour......
We want our caricature to follow exactly the Mr & Mrs Smith theme.
I have attached a sample layout of our expected outcome. Please refer to the attachment.

I have also attached one of your drawings which followed the similar theme, so please follow the head size of that caricature.
Do draw the bride in a sexy style (keke) as we want to follow the theme.

We need both the soft and hardcopy as we are using your caricature drawing as our wedding invitation...."

Mr & Mrs Naidu wedding couple caricatures - A4
Feedback from the client via SMS:-
"We love your awesome work!!
Great job!! Thanks a lot.."

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