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Monday, July 18, 2011

Caricature for Mastercard

Client's brief:-
"Hello, I need a sketch similar to the one you just did for Alice Chan from MasterCard last week (it was a picture of me that I just loved). If possible today?

1) Same size, person in office with window in background.
2) I have attached a photo of the person and the second attachment are the images that should be seen in the window.
3) He should be wearing a flight jacket and aviator glasses, but should be wearing suit pants and a tie. (His hobby is flying planes)
4) His computer screen should have a mastercard logo.
5) He should be holding a pointer (like that of a professor) pointing at a whiteboard. Whiteboard should have the following graphic attached (attachment 3). Doesn’t have to be exact, should have the label Prepaid Government Solutions.
6) There should be an ATM machine in the room also. Maybe he could have one hand on it.

We just need the digital file, we are going to send to the U.S and have it printed and framed there for someone who is leaving the company mid-week....."

Caricature for Mastercard 18072011 - A3 (revised 3)

Feedback from the client via email:-
"This looks terrific. Thanks alot."

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