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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

digital quick caricature colour sketch of Bill Cosby

digital quick caricature sketch of Bill Cosby
Another quick sketch warm-up right before my digital gig. I came and setup early.
To avoid any hiccups later, I did another sketch (of Bill Cosby), video captured (for the fun of it, as I like to see how my drawing evolves) and printing on the spot.
digital quick caricature colour sketch of Bill Cosby
digital caricature live sketching setup
This was my setup on-site! The Macbook Pro is the machine to run the sketching software (Photoshop) and I sketched on the Wacom Cintiq 12WX on the right. Instead of sketching on paper (traditional medium), I sketch on the screen itself. What remained the same was the drawing skills required. No gimmick and no filter. Just pure sketching and painting. When the digital caricature is done, it will be printed out in 4R size from the digital printer behind the Macbook Pro. The printouts (samples) were behind the Cintiq in this photo.

See how this quick caricature sketch was drawn here.

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