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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Caricature theme - couple @ sunset Sentosa Beach

Client's brief:-
"Hi jit..

Please find photo as attach. For his face can u just help me draw without the malay 'hat' on his head... I want us holding hand and the background will be at a beach preferbly. For our attire.. Me wearing a short pink dress like i wear in my pic and for him maybe a bermuda with a pink tshirt. Btw my bf a personal trainer so he is quite build up.....

Theme will be at a sentosa beach preferbly during sunset.
My attire will be short pink sundress and his will be white bermuda with pink tshirt. Both of us will be bare footed coz its sandy.
i also want a 1 pink or white rose to be on my hair.
If possible can u draw us posing like in the pic example."

couple caricatures @ Sentosa beach
SMS from client:-
"Hi jit... Thk u for the wonderful job. My bf is very happy to see his face in it. Hehe. Look forward to order fr u again. Thks again.... Thks a million.:)"

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