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Sunday, November 07, 2010

Caricature for AustCham, Singaproe

Client's brief:-
"Scott standing with Singapore skyline behind in the background, but very distant ie merlion; then closer but still behind him a row of double story shophouse looking bars/pubs, ie boat quay or similar…imagine him standing across the river from boat quay on the Indochine side with boat quay behind him…have Maybank tower at the left hand corner as that is where he worked for the past five years.

The bars/pubs would then have signs hanging in the front naming the pub, not all of them, say 5 - 7, list below. The idea is a row of pubs but know that they don’t look like that in actual fact however it reflects the favourite places that scott likes to drink. I tried to attached some photos of the front of each of the pubs so that you could draw them a little more like they are?"

Caricature for Austcham

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