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Monday, January 14, 2008

Caricatures for Givaudan Singapore Pte Ltd

The client will be using these caricatures for their Powerpoint presentation.
Not sure of what the presentation is.
She wanted them to look professional, and not too funny in the caricatures.

I used the 'Hero" fountain pen again.
Think I can express better with this pen, and also I can draw faster.
Refilled a new bottle of Chinese ink, especially for this project.
The old ink is too thick, after some evaporation over the time.
The ink won't flow smoothly.

Big guy riding a kid's bicycle.

Tennis player.

Professional baker.
This was what I saw in Pietra Ligure, Italy last June.
Now, I begin to miss the 2 weeks life there. No stress (except financially - Food there is expensive). Everyday just walk here and there in that little town.

Carrying a laptop stroller.

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