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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Caricature live sketching for DynaForce Gala Dinner

Quite rare to have events on Sunday, especially at Sentosa.
Nevertheless, still took up this job, as this event organiser (Jason from Vision Event) was one who appreciate my art and skill. Though I have increased my rate, he still engaged my service. He will always tell me, after the event, "You are the best caricaturist I have seen in Singapore!" "You are the best at your works!" etc. Makes me feel as if I am really that good, though I know I am not that good yet. I know myself better. Still have lots of room for improvement.

The event was held at Amara Sanctuary Resort.
I was there early, just in case I am caught in a traffic jam along the way, CTE especially.
Jason afraid that this event slipped my mind.
He gave me a ring to check, and I was already at the carpark.

Amara Sanctuary exterior
After setting up, the guests were not here yet, not the time to start yet, and nothing better to do, brought my Nikon D80 to snap some photos of this new building. Testing how wide my wide angle lens can cover. Not as wide as I thought.

Amara Sanctuary interior
It was slightly brighter in this photo, as compared to the actual lighting in this lobby.

Kicked off by getting this lady to sit down and being sketched. If not, I will be bored to death.
After that, the guests started to crowd around and have their names written on the queue list.

Quite a good one, right?

This one even closer resemblance.
Shorted the feather on her head, so that there won't be a big gap on top.

This guy was easy to draw. Long face, closer eyes, long nose with 2 moles. Can't run away one.

He told me that he will look boyish if he smiles. But a smiling caricature is always better than a serious one. The outcome was quite good, isn't it?

This guy can really hold his smile.

Summary of what I have done for this event. All lying on the table, waiting for the ink to be dried, before inserting into the plastic bags.

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