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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Caricatures for Cosmic Harmony International Pte Ltd

This client dropped me an email, after digging through his piles of business cards.
He told me that he was very happy when he managed to find my contacts.
Thank you.

"I remember meeting you outside Paragon many years ago and I have taken one of your business card with me.
I am a retired senior corporate executive who is now doing freelance training.
I wanted to have good caricature of mine and spent a few month searching for your card until tonight. I am so happy that I have found it.
I would like to make appointment for a face to face discussion and if necessary a live sitting to get one done to my specifications.
I see myself as a lively, humorous and action based trainer rich in life experiences, able to teach complex concept using simple and practical approach. So I want to create something to reflect this image. I do not mind you proposing more than one option. I would like it to be in full color so that I can use it on my PowerPoint slides and also for future advertising materials like promotional leaflets, website or banners."

Pretty straightforward job.

This design was chosen when we surfed on Google Images (think under the keyword of 'Professor"). I added in the whipsaw shadow to achieve the illustration feel, which we often see in illustrations. Looked better than a normal shadow, isn't it? In fact, since it is a flat panel, logically, it shouldn't have a shadow, if illustrated in the real life style. It should be one panel darker than the other.

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