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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Caricature live sketching for a birthday party

A 2-hour (9pm - 11pm) event at IndoChine in Asian Civilisations Museum.
Was there around 8:45pm, but the client was not there yet.
Took photos of the night scenes along Singapore River, since I have nothing to do and my Nikon D80 with me. Without tripod, I can only look for supports I can find there.
Asian Civilisations Museum
Caricature birthday party 190108 1
The client who engaged my caricature sketching service. A nice guy.
Saw the flyer he was showing his guests. Think he got it from my shop.
He asked me whether I need any champagne.
Wow, I would love to, but I can't as I need to sketch them.
Just afraid it will affect my concentration.
Moreover, I need to fetch my mum and uncle from their friend's wedding dinner after this event.
Thus, I declined his offer.

Back to the drawing part.
His eyes was rather big when I was sketching him.
Perhaps due to the bright flash, I tried 3 snapshots, and still can't get his big eyes.

Caricature birthday party 190108 2
The client's wife - the birthday girl.
He asked me to be careful for this caricature. Hahaha.......
A nice one. No worry.
In fact, her birthday is tomorrow.
She asked me what date I should put when I signed off?
I preferred to use the date when this caricature was drawn.

Caricature birthday party 190108 3
He asked me how I know his name is James?
Hahaha..... just want to draw him touching his beard.
Since he mentioned that, I added on smoke coming out from his index finger, and drew in a bullet and a bullet hole, to make it more complete.

Caricature birthday party 190108 4
Requested to draw her three-quarter view, so that we can see her hair being tied up.
If not, it will be mistaken that she has short hair if I drew her caricature from the front.
Looked quite good, right? Can see her big eyes, with curly long eyelashes.

Caricature birthday party 190108 5
She requested to make her looked very pretty before she was drawn.
Pretty enough?

Caricature birthday party 190108 6
Caricature birthday party 190108 7
George Bush's eyebrows and eyes. Quite close.
I thought this caricature was quite a good one in terms of resemblance, but it was not shown in this photo, due to the bright flash.

Caricature birthday party 190108 8
This one was a good one to me too.

Caricature birthday party 190108 9
She said she looked very sweet in the caricature. Her friends said so too.
I think so too. Once again, the photo didn't said so. Smaller eyes when the photo was snapped.

Caricature birthday party 190108 10
She was very nervous when I was sketching her, but was happy upon receiving her caricature.
The caricature reminded me of Karen Mok. Do you think so too?

Caricature birthday party 190108 11
This hair can't be missed, but have to miss some lines on her face. That's what her friends requested for their own caricatures too. I told them under the dim lighting of the restaurant, they should be rest assured that I wouldn't be able to see those lines. Hahaha......

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