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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Caricature live sketching for Yamazaki Mazak Singapore Annual Dinner & Dance 2007

Back to Hilton Hotel today, but for another company's event.

Exaggerated his face more, but he thinks his face is too round. I think it is fine, since it is a caricature. We are not talking about the exact proportion here.

His friends said he looked too handsome in the caricature. Is it?!...... I think so too. Hahaha.....

Stretching his mouth wider here.
Under the lighting of that ballroom, his mouth looked wide.
When taken with my camera, with bounced flash, it looked smaller here. Surprised? Me too.

His eyes looked smaller here in the photo, perhaps due to the flash, and he was smiling more.

He has unique features. Easy to draw. But runs out of idea what posture I should give him. Thus, drawn a full body standing posture for him to compensate.

The company VIP was here early. The pre-event entertainment ended 5 minutes earlier, as all the guests need to be in the ballroom, to show respect for the VIP.

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