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Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Chiropractor caricature treating a patient in clinic

Client's brief:-
"....What I would like to have:

- He is now studying in US and when he graduates, he will practice as a Chiropractor. My idea is to have him drawn as a Chiroprator in a chiropractic clinic with treatment bed + the skeleton body by the corner.

- To also have the wordings 'Dr. Simon Teo' as well in the painting, with him in just shirt and jeans, maybe.

- Actually i would also like to have his 'clinic' drawn in such a way that it sort of overlooking MBS as the background but im not sure if this will be too complicated.

If my idea is not feasible, could you help to provide me with some ideas? Or will it be better to draw him treating a patient? This present is to encourage him so that he stays motivated. I have attached some pictures here, let me know if these pictures are suitable...."

Chiropractor caricature treating a patient in clinic

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