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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Caricatures for Carl Zeiss Singapore

Client's brief:-
"The 3 people are:-
Pang, the second man in black polo-shirt (attached DSC02725 file)
- An Italy Mafia style with black suit and hat
- Standing position with a pistol and Gladiator background in the evening time, see as per attached

Reese, the one in black polo-shirt sitting down & wearing a red spectacle (attached DSC02725 file)
- Hong Kong Gu Huo Zai in black jacket (gangster style)
- Hong Kong City night, clubbing area with passer-by
- Standing position looking far (in deep thought, looking for opportunity)

- standing next to a Ferrari Red car with car plate number 1688
- Hawaii beach with seaview
- leisure wear with bermuda, loose shirt etc

Ferrari caricature for Carl Zeiss Singapore
Italy mafia for Carl Zeiss Singapore
Gangster caricature for Carl Zeiss Singapore
Client's feedback:-

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