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Friday, March 09, 2012

Caricature theme - Dancing couple

Client's brief:-
"...Please find below details for a caricature for two of my very dear friends They met decades ago at a Disco and this caricature is to symbolise that 'First Meeting'!!!!.....
Theme - A Disco. Background to have a glittering globe,
2 pillars on each side of the image, couple dancing on the dance floor. A nice glowing feel to the image and some light reflected on the couple as well. (Pics of Globe & Pillars attached - they are from google images, you are free to drw as you wish). But please note the Pillars are important to the couple and should be nice and golden and grand looking! Couple Pose - Dancing Pose as you have drawn in Pic 5 (Alan & Shirlene 11 Nov). The dress they are wearing is also fine. Maybe a Red color for the lady - what do you suggest?
Details for the couple - Pics 1 to 4 attached. Important - All the pics are recent ones and as this caricature is to show when they met over a decade ago, so please try to make the cheeks as thin as possible. Smile and eyes are key highlights. So Sorry that i cant get you any old pics of them - only one is Pic 4, an old days pic of the lady......."

Dancing couple caricatures

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