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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

caricature for Citibank

Client's brief:-
"....1. Marker - Theme - body and background 2. Body - I will pass you the picture 3. Background would be the Singapore skyline such as Merlion, Marina Bay Sands, Esplanade and our Citi office building...... This is a farewell gift for our boss who is relocating to another country.Aside from the singapore icons to be drawn as background, please add in our current office. Attached is the picture for your reference. Please ensure the citi logo (as of attachment 2) is also drawn. As of the photo of the body, attached are 2 close up pictures of him - different expressions. I will send you another photo tomorrow with him wearing Kilt. I think happy expression of him wearing kilt with singapore skyline behind would be perfect as farewell gift."

  caricature for Citibank 03012012

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