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Saturday, October 08, 2011

Couple caricatures in SQ uniform @ Eiffel Tower

Client's brief:-
"I have attached new and higher res frontal pictures of our friends who are getting married soon - Ian (the guy) and Cleo (the girl).
May we request for the caricatured faces to be less exaggerated, thanks!
Description of caricature theme:
Ian and Cleo in their SQ uniform (kebaya respectively) as per the first set of photos which I've enclosed earlier
The couple holding hands OR Ian carrying Cleo (whichever you think looks better)
Background: Eiffel Tower and an aeroplane with a banner attached to its end.
The banner to include the following text: 1 Timothy 1:5
Daytime; sunny with clouds
Portrait orientation preferred
Please post-date sign-off to 13 October 2011...."

Couple caricatures in SQ uniform @ Eiffel Tower
You may not believe it, but the Sarong Kebaya is the most time consuming of this caricature.
Probably drawing faces is a breeze to me.

The client dropped me an email after her collection:-
"Hi Jit,
Once again, thanks for the awesome drawing of our friends! Ur detailing and coloring work is simply amazing. God bless!

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