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Thursday, October 06, 2011

Caricature for Tampines Fire Station

Client's brief:-
".....He is wearing a white helmet as he is our supervisor.
For his pose, can he be holding his helmet on his right arm(like pilot) and on his left hand, reporting using a walkie talkie.
As for the frame, Can just get a simple one without any border.
The text placement will be the same as the sample design.
The text itself will be more or less the same.
TEXT:  ".... but fate ordains
            that dearest leader
            must part...  so
             farewell and wish you
              have a smooth
              journey on your
              new adventure..."
2nd TEXT:  WO1 Azharee Arsad
                    Deputy Rota Commander(Rota 1)
                    Tampines Fire Station
                    Oct 2006 - Oct 2011"
Fireman Supervisor caricature for Tampines Fire Station

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