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Sunday, October 09, 2011

Caricature theme - Couple caricatures @ Mount Fuji

A returned client's brief:-
"It's going to be a birthday gift (to pick up on 21
Oct 2011 evening which is more than 4 weeks away) for my
The theme is a couple in formal clothes, being their 1st caricature:
Man in suit with collar shirt (open button, no neck tie, like yakuza)
with a Hachimaki (headband), and woman in formal dress.
Mt fuji and the Torii gate.
Reason being most of her life revolves around my father-in-law and her
most memorable trip was Japan.....
We have decided not to have our father-in-law wearing the headband. He may not like it being strict looking etc.
For our mother-in-law, dressing can take reference from xxxxxx of capitaland (formerly of raffles hotel?) due to similar aged woman look...."

Couple caricatures @ Mount Fuji
Client's feedback:-
"Oh! thanks, very cute!"

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