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Saturday, June 02, 2007

New toy to accompany my D80

Another big spending. I bought Nikon Speedflash SB-800 today!!!

I tried to resist myself from buying it in May, reason being I have spent too much last month - bought A Nikon D80 and Canon Pixma Pro 9000. Budget deficit liao. Hahaha....

Saw the best price of $570 so far on after my dear buddy Wilfred consistent hard sell to me that "it is a good flash", "worth buying", "no point buying SB600", "buy SB-600 or SB-400 might as well buy a nprmal flash" etc etc. Brain-washing me. Hahaha.....
Went to MS Colour in AMK Hub 2 days ago to check out the price. The boss was selling at $620, and refused to sell to me at $570. He was still telling the features of this flash before that. When I asked for my price, he immediately packed the flash and put back on his display shelf. So realistic! This also annoyed me. So I left.

Went to Nikon online site to check. Wah! Suggested Retail Price is $800!!!

After the live sketching of Ah Qin, Wilfred and me went to the PC Show to see got better bargain for this flash, which both of us didn't place high hope on it. Just a little disappointment though. We found a mini Nikon counter in the Courts booth! That's it! And no flash! Just those Coolpix cameras.

Then our next plan was to head straight to People's Park Complex to get that $570 SB-800. (We got the address from the forum). Spent some time to hunt for that Jewellery shop selling this Nikon flash. YES. No typo error. Jewellery shop!!! That seller's family business was selling Jewellery, but the son got some good price from the supplier. So he's selling cheap online.

Tested the flash. No problem. Then saw the receipt stated $3100!!! He told us it was in HongKong dollars. The receipt was issued by 万成摄影器材公司, from 九龙旺角通菜街. Wah, just felt a litle uneasy. Don't know whether I bought from the right place. Wilfred said got 1 year international warranty. Should be fine. Hmmmm....maybe?!

Tested it out at home on that 3 genuine pigs of course.
After some trials, my conclusion was that - got the read the manual first. Hahaha.....
Or else, it will just like a normal flash (except that it can bounce,instead of direct flash), as what my father used to sell in his photography shop in Malaysia. Got to explore its features. Those codes like TTL-BL still like strangers to me.
Damn! Another thick manual to read. My D80 manual only 60% done. Maybe it was to early for me to get this flash. Hahaha....... Now , neither here nor there.

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