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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Caricature live sketching for Ah Qin

Ah Qin (阿沁) from FIR came to my gallery around 2pm today. Quite punctual. His manager from his record company, Teenage Magazine staff, and his fans came along with him.
Didn't expect so many people coming in the first place. Thought around 3-5 people initially.
What a disgrace that China Square Food Centre management turned off the lights and air-con!
From their look, I think they were quite lost when they reached second floor. The whole place was in a dark, till the photographer Alex, from Teenage Magazine called them and they turned around and found my gallery.
I have my own photographer here too - Wilfred. Hahaha....
Unfortunately, he was not allowed to take any photos by the Teenage Magazine, which was quite out of our expectation. Think he wasted his trip. He wanted to snap some photos for me and for his portfolio. These photos were taken before he was told not to do so.

In fact, Ah Qin loves to draw comics and can draw pretty good.
He was quite impressed with the many drawings in my shop. Thanks:)

His poor fans waiting outside, due to my tight shop space.
It must be warm outside.

This comic drawing was done by Ah Qin. Not bad, right?
From what he told me, he started drawing during the Dragonball time (me first started by copying 龙虎门 comics). He even did some comics for his new album, together with his brother, who's an art teacher.

This was what I have done for him.
While I was drawing, he was busy doing his own drawing and being interviewed by Teenage Magazine. He seldom looked at me. Thus, this caricature was done partially based on my impression of him. I think I could have done better.
In fact, Teenage will be organising a competition for his fans to guess which drawing was done by him. The winner will receive his original drawing as the prize. As for mine, he intends to bring it back to Taiwan for his keepsake. Thank you. :)
The other photos of the whole drawing process will be sent to me when this article is published in about 1 month plus time, as promised by Teenage Magazine.
I shall post them up as soon as I receive them.


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jit said...

Photo of my pc desk?!!
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